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Steel Magnolias

“Ouizer Boudreaux, the Tabasco accent in this jambalaya of women, is given riotous life by the wonderful Sally Nystuen Vahle who makes her first entrance like a tornado coming through the door. “I’m not crazy,…I’ve just been in a very bad mood for forty years!”

Steel Magnolias

“DTC company member Sally Nystuen Vahle is Ouiser (pronounced “weezer”), the town’s ill-tempered and wealthy spinster, a reliable cynic who can be counted on to quash any grand scheme of neighborliness, community festivities or blanket goodwill. Vahle, who always enters pissed off or smirking, brings a comic, don’t-give-a-damn energy to the folksy heat of the beauty shop.”"

Death of a Salesman

"The heroic thrust in this interpretation comes from Sally Nystuen Vahle as Willy's wife, Linda….Most Lindas are older performers who spruce up to pass for younger in the flashbacks. Vahle looks shockingly old when we first see her, partly because we know she's not. Playing the younger Linda, closer to her own actual age, Vahle is wonderfully warm, protective and even witty."
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